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Why you'll see sheep crossing Arizona's London Bridge this Saturday

Travel News Wire - October 19, 2018

Come Saturday, Arizona’s Lake Havasu City will embark on a medieval British tradition that involves driving a herd of sheep over London Bridge. It’s part of a celebration to mark a half-century since the 19th-century bridge was bought and 40 years since the surrounding city was incorporated.


An Airline Legend Tells Today's Industry Bosses To Pay More Attention To Dissatisfied Passengers

Travel News Wire - October 19, 2018

The legendary Bob Crandall sent a message to the generation of airline managers who succeeded him that, in effect, consumers, via their persistent and increasingly bitter complaints, are saying that the industry has gone too far in reducing comfort in order to add more seats to their planes.

No longer a pit stop and much more than a place to dump prisoners, Tasmania is a kind of cabinet of curiosities

Travel News Wire - October 19, 2018

For 175 years, explorers and adventurers spent their last night in Hobart, Tasmania, before setting off into the unknown, icy wasters of the Antarctic in search of fame, science and the South Pole.

For 50 years, it was also the notorious last stop for about 75,000 prisoners from the British Empire.


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